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August, 18 2023

If you remember the 2000's era you probably remember chatting on the Yahoo chat rooms and the MSN chat rooms. Most of the java chat community hung around old websites like JustaChat, Wired Reality, and Chat-Web. There was also a brief period 123FlashChat was the leading top chat software. JungleSpot began around the 2007-2008 time period. During this era the chat room community was blooming.

What is adult chat?

An adult chat is a chat room online for adults to gather and chat in. Adult chat rooms online come in many different looks and have a world of different features. For example the type of adult chat you'll experience on Chat-Avenue is a lot different than the adult chat you'll see when you visit This is because different websites have different variations and different chat software. While there are plenty of solutions and chat platforms for you to choose from, we recommend you try out our free online adult chat room and see why others around the world are slowly choosing JungleSpot as their home for clean adult chat fun.

What happened to gay chat rooms?

Gay chat rooms are safe and secure spaces for gay men to be indulge in trending topics that are important to gay men around the world. Gay chat has been one of the most accepting and inclusive gay chat community groups online. While a lot of stigma and homophobia have begun to make their way to the main stream sites, we make sure to uphold our core goals which are to provide free chat rooms to everyone* and its just that simple. When you join our best free gay chat room you're entering a world with free thought, inclusiveness and a chat community that will fight for your rights just as hard as you would. Don't go on another second searching for the right place to be yourself. Express yourself freely with us.

How to chat with a lesbian

You would chat with a lesbian the same as you would any other person. Lesbians are people just like you and I that expect respect, and peace. Being lesbian literally doesn't make you different than anyone else. You can easily strike a conversation with another lesbian by touching base on similar interets and topics that you may both enjoy. Anything counts from clothing, to music style, tattoos and peircings, and the list goes on. JungleSpot's Lesbian Chat is welcoming and fair but don't make the mistake of thinking you're going to be joining a room full of girly girls. Lesbians come in all shapes and sizes with personalities that may be more masculine than most men.

How to act

If you're looking to get the most out of your chat experience don't make the same mistakes a lot of people make in the beginning. Being a troll and being abusive toward other users will only cause your reputation to be viewed negatively by the chat communtiy and you'll never make the friends you're looking for. Acting decent and being a fun and talkative person are literally the only qualities you need to get the most out of this experience. You can make long lasting friendships, a future romatic partner, and even family. All you have to do is follow the general ethics and morals and people will accept you in their friend zones.

For everyone

So it doesn't matter what you're looking for when JungleSpot has all the chat rooms that can satisfy your chat hunger. Find a new room and make a new friend, its that easy. Chat rooms are for everyone because they're our only shine of light in this dark world. They're the perfect place to express our favorite interest, our good times and our bad. Experiencing these moment's with the friends you make are what the core value to our chat network is.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post, we will be posting more frequently as time passes by.