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Free Lesbian Chat Room

What to expect in Lesbian Chat

Are you looking for that perfect chat room that will finally keep you safe some being intruded by random guys acting like they're women? Our friends at a BIG chat posted an article about the ways that men pretend to be women online. The lesbians that chat on JungleSpot don't have to worry about this. Our chat algorithm makes sure that men are restricted to the main chat rooms while our female chatters are free to have a truly men free space to chat about the latest happenings. If you're a lesbian girl out there looking to make some new friends and potentially a girl friend than this chat room is the one for you.

How to chat in Lesbian Chat

Chatting in our lesbian chat room is really easy, you'll love the simple process of signing on and being connected. Additionally being part of our lesbian community is a welcoming and exciting. To chat in our lesbian chat room you can follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1. Choose a username - Pick a nickname of your choice but make sure it's within the guidelines.
  • Step 2. Enter your gender - Enter a gender of your choice, the more accurate the better.
  • Step 3. Enter your birthday - Enter your date of birth, this will help others know how old you are without you having to answer the same question 100 times.

Chat Rules

  • No personal info - Posting any type of information that may easily identify you or another participant is not allowed.
  • No spam - Do. Not. Spam. We can't stress this enough. Spamming will get you instantly banned. Spamming includes but is not limited to.. URLs, emails, Snapchat handles, Instagram handles, Facebook URL, or any other social media.
  • No harrassment - If someone doesn't want to talk to you, leave them alone.
  • No illegal uploads - Do not upload any type of image that may be illegal, we will report it.
  • No race/religon/political baiting - Don't race bait or try to get anyone into an arguement over race, religon, politics, etc.
  • No pedo baiting - any type of pedophilia will be banned and reported.